Friday, August 1, 2014

Money Problems: Please pay me back.

It is not unnatural for people in my generation to aspire to be rich.  Once, I together with yuppies, was invited to an orientation of a corporation doing a pyramid scheme and the speaker asked, “Sino dito ang gustong yumaman? Itaas ang kamay.” Not a single person did not raise his/her hand. I was eventually duped investing Php 8,000 because everyone who has been earning in the team who was recruiting me was so persuasive and I, six (6) years ago, was young, ambitious and wanted to earn money fast.  My investment didn’t go anywhere.  I lost 35% of my investment.  

That was before I started “Naomi’s Kitchen.”  A business I created and managed separate from my parents’ business because I didn’t want to ask money from them anymore.  I started from scratch.  I slowly learned the tricks of the trade and it was out of this business that I realized how difficult it is to earn money.  That in any business, you start small.  My mom told me, “O, ano na-realize mo? Ang hirap gumawa ng pera ano? Ang daling maubos ng pera pero ang hirap mag-ipon.”  

I was paying the expenses in Manila where I am residing.  The money I was saving was not even enough to cover all the expenses.  My parents also had to pay expenses in the province where we permanently reside so I can only ask very little amount of money from them if my earnings wasn’t enough to pay the bills here in Manila.

I eat at fine-dining restos, see the movies and watch plays but it is either my parents or my siblings who pay for them out of love and pity; Simultaneously working and studying an extremely difficult postgraduate degree have taken a toll on my health that I have to lower the number of orders in my business and take a few number of leaves of absence from school. 

Still, some people think I am rich?!?  That is why I am devastated that two family friends who had very huge orders from Naomi’s Kitchen have not paid their debts.  I have been texting them incessantly but they have not replied.  (And another friend who thinks I am rich is trying more than once to borrow a huge amount of money from me!).

Ag-papada tay lang nga adda problema na iti kwarta (We are all the same when it comes to financial problems).  

And to those who think I am rich and a brat, think again.  I DO NOT GET MONEY FROM TREES! I work hard to earn them.  School enrollment is coming near.  Besides allowance that I need, I have to pay for my tuition and buy new books for my new subjects.  Kaya sa may utang, pasensya na I had to post this, magbayad naman kayo ng utang ninyo.

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