Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Naomi who will fight the 2017 bar exams!

Tomorrow, Dec 1 of 2016 marks my hibernation from the outside world.  Some Zumba and Aerobics sessions are exceptions.  And yes, as the title of this blog suggests I need or should I say, I "MUST" fight the 2017 bar exams.

It has been quite a long while since I posted on my blog.  It is refreshing that I am posting this to add something new - which is about my bar preparation.  I deferred from the 2015 and 2016 bar examinations for personal reasons I cannot divulge publicly.  However, I am now at a better state  - emotionally, mentally and (getting there) physically to fight the bar exams which has been long overdue.

Patty Jocson, a classmate in law school and now a lawyer sent me a message and it has been the most sensible advice to a bar candidate:

I tucked the message into my cork board (which is now right infront of me, as I type this) so I can read it once in awhile if I am losing my sanity in the process.

By the way, I am posting about this on my blog because I don't want going around telling people especially in social media that I am taking the bar examinations.  Baka maudlot kasi. Besides, they can't read this unless I share the link and it is a good post to look back to when everything is over.  I also made this for you, people I genuinely trust.  So here, I took some pictures, enjoy looking at them... hehe :)

My family owned a small bookstore near the entrance of our subdivision in Q.C. for a few years.  We closed it down for lack of man power and "break even" sales that make it useless to maintain it.  However, the upside is some racks which were used for the stocks for that bookstore are now put to good use.  I recycled them and had them repainted.  The materials placed on these racks are A LOT as you can see below.  But DON'T GET SHOCKED for I don't plan to read them all. Mostly are just there for I feel more secure looking at them and function as mere reading supplements:

Those materials above were initially placed at our first floor.  They are now located at the second floor because I don't want people entering the house seeing them.  It makes me look nerdy and more will be expected of me.

Anyway,  to digress and the bottomline of this post is that I have a few words to well-meaning friends and family members:

To my brother Nickrome - you are one of the few people I dedicate this to.  I know the huge love you have for me, I don't need to state it here but there I said it.  And yes, I will give my best and not almost best, as you said.  And yes, I will keep my FOCUS.  Promise.

To my sister Bads - your coming home from the U.S. this 2016 christmas season is really wrong timing for me. BUT I can't blame you.  Not your fault.  I promise I will squeeze in some time for my have-never-met-and-beautiful-1-year-old-niece Camilla and your hubby Bong.  Pagpasensyahan mo na ako kung hindi ako full time for you pag-uwi mo.  I also dedicate this to you, you know.  I want to make you happy and proud of me.

To my sister Chap, Ma and Da - I promise to lose weight and eat less. Promise.

To my fellow Sunday Choir Members (especially Ate Clare), 
my loves in BEC (Bible sharing group) and LBS (Liturgical Bible Study Group), 
Tropek Barkada, 
bessy Joyce 
and good old friends - Yes, hibernation means my less time to be with you, less commitments (or no commitments at all) and UNCEASING PRAYERS from you all.  I can't do this without your support and understanding. While I know some of you will not understand, except probably from Smile Callangan (and other former bar candidates who have gone through this) I will pray that you will understand later on.  My reading comprehension and speed are slower than usual since I have not used my brain for so long.  I need to focus and start early.  Remember, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and I appreciate each one of you who has been there for me one way or another and has made this so called unfair and difficult life still meaningful and bearable.

To dear GOD, thank you for the unconditional love and I know that with you - I will always keep my perfect balance.

To myself - Naomi, breath. We begin... So we begin.