Monday, July 9, 2012

Samiweng Singers Champion the World Choir Games

SAMIWENG SINGERS of Ilocos Norte emerges as champion in Folklore category and silver in Youth of Equal Voices category in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The Sawiweng Singers who emerged winner in two categories is composed of two groups in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati Ohio.
The first group is for the younger batch category, "YOUTH OF EQUAL VOICES," where they received a silver score of 19.99, while Miriam Highschool Glee Club of Quezon City (formerly Maryknoll) emerged as champion with only a difference of 0.01.  For the video, click HERE.
The second group, composed of older students emerged as champion in the  FOLKLORE CATEGORY besting 61 choirs all over the world earning them GOLD IV with a gold score of 20. They received a standing ovation.
Part 1
Part 2
Brilliant performance! 'Nuff said!
Congratulations again to Professor Robert Caluya, the coach, for instilling in these children discipline and hardwork, as always.
Samiweng Singers, not only a pride of the North but also our country, the Philippines!

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