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 Jaguar, courtesy of Marc Soong

I am Naomi Corpuz.  

I am a proud G.I. (Genuine Ilocana). I consider myself a city-bred and a promdi for I was raised in Batac, Ilocos Norte where I permanently reside but I have been living in Quezon City, Philippines since I entered college. I am presently a student of U.P. College of Law. 

I am a lover of the arts. Though I am currently pursuing my lawstudies, theater is and will always be my first love.

I was an actor, singer, shutterbug & painter before I entered the halls of Malcolm. As an art advocate this blog will contain posts about shows, events and happenings on various expressions of art, reviews of plays and shows that I watch and food places where I eat with friends and family.  It also serves as an outlet for my creativity & share my passion in the arts, so my "right brain" can still be in use in spite of books, codals, cases, legalese and latin that I confront almost everyday.

This blog will also be a repository of some friends' articles, pictures, creations, and other expressions of art - which I think deserve to be read, seen and heard but such friends are too modest, shy or don't have opportunities or venue to publicize and share their talent.  I want this blog to be an instrument to share their gifts which I learn from and I hope other people could also learn from in whatever positive way. 

 I am also a chocolatier. I sell what I make at my online shop called Naomi's Kitchen.

I am a proud daughter to lawyers Nestor and Baby Corpuz, and a sister to ABS-CBN newsreporter Nina Corpuz, New Yorker advertising consultant Bernadette and to her only brother Nickrome, a businessman.
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    debbie said...

    I thought that this blog space is great!!!

    Keep doing it Naomi!!!

    Naomi Corpuz said...

    Thank you Debbie