Friday, December 23, 2011

May "Second Chances" from Allegiance, The Musical Inspire us all this Coming Year


I have been playing this  video several times, and it keeps running on my head still until now that I am writing this.  Apart from  our very own Lea Salonga who is singing it, the lyrics are so beautiful that it is apt to share it to everybody who have fallen, stumbled and made mistakes in the past -- but it is not always too late  to rearrange things for all of us have second chances everyday, every moment, and every new year that comes.

Second Chances is from Allegiance the Musical - starring Lea Salonga, Tong Leung and George Takei which will be shown  at Balboa Park's Globe Theater in San Diego  next year in 2012. 

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along:


An emptiness is all there is to see
The joy that you once knew, a distant memory
When the purpose of each morning
Is forgotten with each night...

And it doesn' t seem to matter
If you give up or you fight...

Look again, that is when your world's about to change
Nothing in life is so permanent that love can't rearrange...

Second chances, life is rich with second chances
Second songs with second dances, second melodies
For if you've only got one shot
If once or nothing's all you've got
Your days would just be filled with single moments, single memories

But I believe hearts can conceive
Of more than one bright happy ending
Roads may split in two, you can't go down both thin & fast
We know and yet we still forget our paths are never so unbending
Life has given you a second chance...

Second chances, the world provides with second chances
New adventures, new romances, new responsibilities
For if you're always looking back
Your eyes might miss the second track
You take no chances, seize no day
Leave no possibilities

But heart's desire, heart's of fire
A place you grow from a single ember
Yesterday turns toward tomorrow
A brand new circumstance

What's past is past but it's not the last
We're not alive to just remember
When life has said to you, not a chance but two
Life has granted you a second chance...

The musical will run in the Old Globe Theatre, part of the Globe’s Conrad Prebys Theatre Center, Sept. 6 – Oct. 20, 2012. Preview performances run Sept. 6 – Sept. 15. Opening night is Sunday, Sept. 16 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are currently available by subscription only. Tickets can be purchased online at, by phone at (619) 23-GLOBE or by visiting the Box Office at 1363 Old Globe Way in Balboa Park. (Source: 

About the show: 

Allegiance is an epic story of love, war and heroism set during the Japanese American internment of World War II,  following the story of the Omura family in the weeks and years following Pearl Harbor, as they are relocated from their home in Salinas, California to the Heart Mountain internment camp in the wastelands of Wyoming. 

Their story reflects the deep conflicts of a nation and a people divided: father Tatsuo, a successful store owner, resists their unjust internment; mother Kimiko fears for their future, quietly resigned to their fate; older son James volunteers in an all-Japanese American army regiment; and younger son Sam yearns for acceptance by and inclusion in America. The Omura’s conflicts mirror the larger rift between the Japanese American Citizens League, which urged cooperation with the internment and unwavering loyalty to America, and the resisters of the internment, who steadfastly refused to serve a country that had put them in concentration camps. This universal story sheds new light upon a dark, under-explored, and wrenching chapter of American history. Through the remembrances of Old Sam and his tutor Gloria, the painful past is revisited, and at long last, redemption and understanding begin to heal decades-old wounds. 

Allegiance sheds new light upon a dark chapter of American history.  With its moving score, Allegiance connects the audience with universal themes of love, family and redemption. (Source:

Check Allegiance's Facebook Page.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Featuring California-raised Ilocano from Laoag City Jonathan "Athan" Andres who Sings Like A Pro

Athan's cover of SANA NGAYONG PASKO
I discovered Jonathan "Athan" Andres in a shared video in facebook. I thought it was one of the typical videos of people who can sing,  gone viral and have gained a following in youtube. When I saw his video posted on the wall, I thought he was passionsf who I follow in youtube so I clicked and listened to him.
Lo and behold, it wasn't passionsf but only had a resemblance to him. The shared video led me to his account and we happen to have mutual friends. The video wasn't even a youtube video but merely an uploaded video in his FB account. What surprised me even more, this talented guy with a beautiful voice is based in California but was raised in Laoag City. He took up his nursing degree at Northwestern University in Ilocos Norte, my homeprovince and is now a practicing RN in California. He comes home to Ilocos as much as he can. 
I am featuring Athan, because this guys sings like a pro.  He is a rare find, because I have not seen any Ilocano yet, who was raised in Ilocos Norte and could sing as good as he does, with perfect diction. His style of singing is likened to Ariel Rivera's in my opinion.  He is also good-looking (a plus factor).  It is a shame that he isn't discovered  in his own homecountry but I hope he gets to be discovered more in his own homeprovince of Ilocos Norte, atleast. I highly recommend him to people in Ilocos who organize events, programs and concerts to tap on this rare gem.  
Alamid's/Erik Santos' YOUR LOVE.. One of Athan's all-time favorites:
What is disappointing, like many other good singers, Athan lacks the marketing skills.    He has a youtube account but is not followed by a considerable number.  He also has a lot of videos uploaded in his FB account but not in public setting and mostly not uploaded in youtube. I even had to beg him that he upload his "Sana Ngayong Pasko" cover in youtube so I can share it in my blog. He even has his own music site but little is heard about it and I wouldn't even find out if I didn't research. I told him, "When I get to have the time, I want to do a duet with you in youtube because I am really very impressed with your voice."  I only hope he finds a manager who can market him and be able to share to a wider audience his God-given talent.

His rendition of Howie Day's Collide:

Thru Facebook, Athan and I had a Q & A thru chat and here are some bits and pieces I gathered about him:

Jonathan Andres

25 years old

California, USA

Born here in California, and moved to Laoag City when I was 5 for schooling. Raised by my grandparents.

I finished school in the PI at Northwestern University, took up BS Nursing, graduated in 2008 and then came back to the states after grad.. currently working as a Registered Nurse here in the US.

Fave Ilocano Dish is Adobo & Pinakbet.

I'll try my best to come home every year if I can. hehe.. I was just there (Ilocos Norte) last April & August.

I haven't recorded any albums (I wish though). I want to make it in to the music industry someday but I know i still have a long way to go and I need to improve and learn more. I auditioned for American Idol here in California, unfortunately I didn't make it in. But it was one awesome experience.

Dr. Robert Andres the dentist from Laoag City, is our relative. We live next to PLDT. Brgy. 11 in Laoag.

It would be my pleasure to sing with you. I use a Shure Condenser Microphone for my recordings. And i download/buy the instrumentals/minus ones that i use. Looking forward to making a collaboration with you.

Lucky & Inspiring Pinoy Couple Jam with Metallica

Just an hour ago, my "Yahoo Insider" which feeds me with the latest news every time I log in my YM caught my attention about a U.S.-based Pinoy couple who were invited to perform on stage, on the spot, during the 25th Anniversary of Metallica in Concert at The Fillmore California early this month.

Annette,a former drummer of Trapped under Rice and her husband, Anton both Metallica fans and organize Metallica jamming sessions with friends decided to play Master of Puppets of Metallica during their wedding (with Annette, the bride still on her wedding dress as she played the drums).  Their wedding video became viral a couple of months ago.

This reached the Metallica band and gave them one of their biggest surprises which "changed their lives forever," as Anton said. As they were watching the concert, their wedding video was flashed on the big screen on stage and both of them were called to jam on the spot with Metallica. The couple didn't have their drums and lead guitar with them but Metallica lend them their gears.

Annette Diaz Ortiz and Anton Diaz with their daughter Lightning who already owns a junior guitar. Source: 

I like their story very much and find it inspiring and worth blogging about. I learned from the news story that the couple are based in the States.  

Though I have not talked to the Diaz couple personally, their life, I suppose, like any other Filipino is not easy -  living on a foreign land and making ends meet. However their experience is priceless which no amount of money can be equated with.  

I empathize because I love music and it is my dream to sing on stage with Liz Callaway - which might never happen, but their experience tells me that as long as you keep doing what you love and stick with your passion such as music, your dream performing with artists you look up to is not far from impossible.

Congratulations to Annette and Anton Diaz and Keep on Jamming! :)

The couple plans to make more Metallica covers. Visit their youtube site at bassplyr51.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Laoag City Children's Choir Wins Again in National Choral Tilt!

Photo Courtesy of Christian Mark Baruela Mariano

Laoag City Children's Choir of Ilocos Norte National Highschool (INNHS) wins again in National Tilt!

INNHS's Children's Choir represented Laoag City, Ilocos Norte in the Grand Finals of the Manila Broadcasting Corporation's (MBC) National Choir Competition, and emerged as champion besting 20 other children's choirs at Aliw Theater, Pasay City last December 9, 2011. 

Ria Abad Andres, a member of the choir says,  "Because of our patience, presence of mind, and (of)our being optimistic. We (almost) made it to the top!!! We gathered as the Champion for the MBC children's choir National Choral Competition.  Congratulations to us and (For) most of all, thank you Lord and to our dearest conductor, Sir Sherberk Frez Cabrales thank you Sir..."

Photo Courtesy of Christian Mark Baruela Mariano

Maestro Robert Caluya and his treasures

Robert Caluya, the founder, main conductor and trainor of the present conductors of the children's choir is so ecstatic and proud.  He posted in his Facebook Status: 
Conductor: Sherberk Frez Cabrales
Asst. Conductor: Egdonna Legaspi
Assisting Artists: J Michael Mugas, Sherween Frez Cabrales"

Laoag City's INNHS is set to compete in Cincinnati World Competition - known as the Olympics of Choral Competions in 2012.  It is said to be the first highschool choir to join this prestigious event. 

To the members and trainors who comprise  
Laoag City's Children's Choir of INNHS - a BIG CONGRATULATIONS 
and the people of Ilocos Norte are proud of you for continuing to soar in the world of music chorale!

Ilocos Norte's Saramsam Restaurant - Holiday Season Promo!

Sam Blas - the artist, gourmet, restaurateur and our good friend and lessee for his famous resto cafe in Ilocos Norte, Saramsam has another creative idea this Christmas Season.

Holiday Dinner Promos!

Orders for the following must be placed 3 days in advance:

For P3,500.00 - you can buy for take out a Baked Turkey with Paella stuffing with giblet gravy

For P5850.00 - (Maximum of 10 pax) Baked Turkey with Paella stuffing , Fish Con Salsa Verde, Pasta Puttanesca, Soft Corn Bread and Blue Berry Maja Blanca for Dessert.

Saramsam Resto and Cafe is located at
N. Corpuz Building,
Rizal Street corner Hizon St.,
Barangay 7-A,
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
For inquiries please call - (077) 771 5825
09272789226 and look for Arnel Condeza (Operation Manager)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinoy Teen Wins in Global Film Competition


A film with no frills, glitz or glamour... but a Winner!
Simple but Powerful

MANILA, Philippines - "An 18-year-old Filipino student is one of the three winners in this year's Faith Shorts, a global film competition by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Paulo Reyes' "First Steps to Recovery" won in the Family category of the competition, where budding filmmakers aged 14 to 18 years old were made to express their thoughts on the theme "Let me show you how my faith inspires me."

The short film tells the story of a journalist who was inspired by the strong faith of a boy who is suffering from cancer.

The two other winning films of Faith Shorts 2011 include "Muhammad in Accrington... Inspiring Me" by Amna Islam of the United Kingdom (Action category) and "Be the Change You Want to See" by Nadim Merrikh of Canada (Musical category).

The entries were judged by Tony Blair, Hollywood stars Hugh Jackman and Jet Li, Bollywood star Anil Kapoor and former FOX Studios president Sherry Lansing, among others.

"This new generation holds the potential to help turn the tide against rebellious tensions, building unity to counter those who see faith as a source of division and conflict," Blair said, referring to year's contestants.

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Armin Luistro said: "I and my fellow countrymen look forward to watching more of your films in the future."

"Congratulations, Paulo. The Philippines is behind you," he added."

Monday, December 5, 2011

Niña Corpuz in Top 10 Hottest Newswomen of 2011

an ABS-CBN newsreporter in the the  TOP 10 Hottest Newswomen 2011 of
1. Click this Link
2. then choose & click Niña Corpuz
3. you can VOTE MANY TIMES as you want. 

 Know Niña Corpuz:

Niña Corpuz is one of the most recognizable reporters of ABS-CBN. Among her varied interests are underwater creatures and ice cream. She loves to listen to alternative rock and ocassional celtic music. Her favorite movies are Gone with the Wind, My Bestfriend's Wedding, and Pretty Woman and also she loves to read books especially those who written by Nick Hornby, Mary Doria Russel, George R.R. Martin and Audrey Niffenger.

The charming host temporarily took a leave from ABS-CBN as she recently left the country to take a short course in international broadcast journalism at the Cardiff University in Wales. Not only was she one of the only two broadcast journalists accepted from over eight hundred applicants across the country, she is also the recipient of a British Chevening scholarship grant.

Niña joined ABS-CBN’s third cadetship program after graduating from University of the Philippines (UP) cum laude, a six-month training which included Jay Ruiz, Camilla Kim, Pier Pastor, Liza Reyes, and Kaye Langit-Luistro, among others.

Niña has been part of ABS-CBN media, where she believes her assignments, ranging from interviewing politicians to covering murders and criminal cases, had helped her improve and mature into what she is today.

It is quality, tempered by her work experience in ABS-CBN, which made her eligible to pursue further studies in a prestigious university. She looks forward to coming back and return to ABS-CBN so that she may share the knowledge and experience she gains abroad. In turn, viewers are also anticipating her return as anchor for TV Patrol World’s “Star Patrol.”

Dynamic and holistic— these are words that describe one of the newest radio personalities of DZMM, Niña Corpuz.

Niña is a graduate of UP Diliman, where she finished Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication cum laude.

In 2001 she began her career as a reporter for Studio 23's News Central where she started doing feature stories, and then later on covered the Malacañang beat. She was then recruited as a TV Patrol police reporter, designated to the general assignments beat.

In 2003, Niña was diverted to the Entertainment field, which then led to her co-anchoring the showbiz segment of Magandang Umaga Bayan with Ogie Diaz, Showbiz Number 1 and TV Patrol's Star Patrol.

Niña studied International Broadcast Journalism in 2005 at Cardiff University in Wales through the British Chevening scholarship, one of only two broadcast journalists chosen from over 800 candidates.

She felt that she is more inclined to the serious side of news, and now she's back doing hard news reports. She now anchors ANC's Balitang Europe and DZMM programs Pasada Sais Trenta Sabado, Radyo Patrol Balita Linggo and Magandang Gabi Dok. She is also a contributing writer for The Philippine Star, and is also busy with her blogspot, niñ Last June, Niña was awarded the Media For Labor Rights Prize by the United Nation's labor arm, International Labour Organization, for her article Filipino Do­mestic Workers, Between Justice and Survival.

TV Series
  1. Radyo Patrol Balita Linggo  ... Host
  2. Magandang Gabi Dok... Host
  3. TV Patrol World ... Reporter
  4. Showbiz No. 1  ... Host
  5. TV Patrol  ... News Reporter / Star Patroler
  6. Balitang Europe ... Host
  7. Mornings @ ANC ... Host

The National Commission of the Arts (NCCA) is a policy-making and grant-giving body and is the Philippine lead arm for arts and culture. An award is given to an individual artist or group that has reaped top honors in competitions abroad annually.

Multi-Disciplinary Arts, one of the categories is where Nina Corpuz's winning article reaped honors from NCCA and awarded by the International Labor Organization, in Turin Italy. Her article, "Filipino Domestic Worker: the struggle for justice and survival," bested 50 entries of journalists worldwide, for Media for Labour Rights Prize 2010. (Read the article here:

Follow Nina Corpuz at Twitter: @ninacorpuz

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support for my sister Nina.

Nina corrected me last night. She said even before I started the campaign (which she saw in my tweet that referred her to my blogpost), the results were already out, and SPOT.PH has already stopped tallying. So all the votes I solicited were NOT COUNTED.

Nevertheless, I do not mind. It only means that you support my sister and us, her family whether or not your vote was counted --- because the website has not disabled accepting votes and she has reached 9000 plus votes (more than 70% of total voters)- which is overwhelming.

Thank you much! My family and I appreciate all those who responded, and all who voted. God Bless you and have a Merry Merry X'mas!
Click this link on her winning:

Friday, December 2, 2011

OFW's you are Heroes! Bravo Coca-Cola Commercial!

When I toured Europe - Italy, Spain, France, and other places in the west- it was an enriching experience and at the same time, stroke a chord in my heart meeting OFWs who have left their children and families and haven't seen them for years only to earn a living and provide for them. They are heroes!

Bravo to you Marosie Guerrero Salomenia Corpuz Genny Rose Mabuti- Mamaclay Yzelie Domingo Ate Lian Marlene Fernando Aaron Fernando Alan Fernando Beth Fernando and to the many Filipinos I met abroad who are sacrificing everyday for their loved ones :). Bravo Coca-Cola Commercial!

Ilocano Food Festival - Eat All You Can - Dec. 10 in Manila!

Join Kannawidan Foundation's 
Ilocano Food Festival 
an all- you-can-eat dinner extravaganza!

- featuring the tasty and savory Ilocano food you have been longing to eat that includes bagnet, empanada, longganisa, dinakdakan, kilawen kalding, swam, crispy dinardaraan, gamet, ipon, tupig, busi, pinakbet, inabraw, dinengdeng and many more... 


Fee: Php 499
When:  Dec 10, 5:30 pm onwards 
Where: North Greenhills Clubhouse, Johnson Park, North Greenhills, San Juan City. Come one, come all! Bring family and friends along! 

For tickets, please contact (09208671760 Gemma) 
or PM Kannawidan Foundation at its Facebook Page.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Christmas & Birthday Wishlist

Since my birthday lands on January 10, most people give me Christmas gifts which they also say they are their Birthday gifts for me.  I don't bother. Why? Because I am merely the recipient.Can't force and pound repeatedly on their brains that Christmases are different from Birthdays. So...

Here is my Christmas/Birthday Wish List: 
Digital Video Camera (handy cam type; my no. 1 preferred gift) - Need not be be very expensive.  The small ones, as small as cellphones will do, like Flip (less than $200 or $100 at Amazon preferably Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL).  But a Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 or Canon DV-MV830i would really be great :)



Blackberry Cover Case - this type please. Need not be expensive. Can't use the other types (such as those I need to open like a luggage and remove the phone then return it back -  that takes too much time; I want something quick to open and close).
My Phone is Blackberry Curve 9300 (2010 edition) which looks like this: 

Blackberry Rubber Cover - (preferably black or white)

Book: Finishing the Hat by Stephen Sondheim

Soft Shorts Pantulog
Tank Top Soft Cotton (either pambahay or pang-jogging ko lang), not the tight ones :)

Travel Pack Soft pull tissue (the one inside a plastic pack). Kleenex or any other brand will do. I prefer this as substitute to a hanky. 

Dove Bar Soap (not liquid, I am allergic to it; preferably scented i.e. the green one)

Dove Liquid Roll On Deodorant (NOT the wax type; has to be liquid; preferably scented i.e. the green one) 

Loose & Nicely Colored/Painted Shirts (such as Friday, Kwan YIn, Mona Lisa, Warhol bought at Legaspi Sunday Market. Please look for "Happy Star Child" +639178311936 - recommended by Amor Maclang) or anything similar to these.

Book: Stevejobs by Walter Isaacson (My NO. 2 preferred gift)
Available at National Book Store and Amazon at this link:

Theater and/or Acting Books available at Amazon. (My NO. 3 preferred gift)
Here are the links to the books I like:

If you don't know how to sent it, just send it via courier addressed to:
Naomi Therese F. Corpuz
N.Corpuz Enterprises Inc.
Paco Roman St., Laoag City
Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"The Christ Child" by Carlos Santos

Though not a mainstream artist, this is one of the best renditions of a christian song. A Filipino at that!  

"The Christ Child"  by Carlos Santos
Words & Music by Marlene Del Rosario

Sana ganito ang mga christian songs to come, hindi baduy, hindi corny at tradisyonal. 
 Para mabago naman.

Friday, November 25, 2011

INNHS Youth Choir of Ilocos Norte wins again at NAMCYA Grand Finals!

Congratulations once again to the two-time NATIONAL WINNER Ilocos Norte National High School (INNHS) Youth Choir! Yes, two. Grand Champion in the National level in 1993 as a MIXED CHOIR  (with Maestro Robert Caluya as conductor) & now as 2nd Placer and Best in Interpretation of Contest Piece this year 2011 (with Maestro Sherween Frez Cabrales as conductor), both in the Youth Choir  Categories. 

Sherween Cabrales, the conductor with the INNHS Youth Choir in Manila for the NAMCYA National Level Competition
INNHS Youth Choir with Conductor Sherween Frez Cabrales and Mrs. Irene Marcos-Araneta after their performance in CEU

The NAMCYA NATIONAL FINALS where the INNHS Youth Choir which won Best in Interpretation in the Contest piece and Second placer  was held at CCP last Nov. 24, 2011! 

Sherween Cabrales in the NAMCYA Tri-Regional Finals held at Ilocos Norte Convention Center.  Photo Courtesy of Richard Morgado Collado.
Hail hail to their conductor Sherween Frez Cabrales who was trained by their master conductor Pompeyo Robert aka Robert Caluya! I am so proud of you!

After Winning in the NAMCYA Tri-Regional Finals and qualfying them to represent in the NAMCYA National Competition. Photo Courtesy of Richard Morgado Collado.

INNHS Youth Choir is the official Mixed Choir of INNHS.

Conductor/ Trainer/ Choreographer: Sherween "Winnie" Frez Cabrales

Assistant Conductors/ Trainers: Sherberk Frez Cabrales and Egdonna Esman Legaspi

Assisting Artist: Myron De La Cruz,John Michael Mugas, Irwin Duainne Abara II

Artistic Director: Pompeyo Robert Camaquin Caluya

Principal: Isabel Sison Sandi

Visit INNHS Youth Choir at their Facebook Page for more information.

Flutter: Sunflower Kisses & Dewdrops (A Catholic Literary Compilation) - Kindle Edition!

Flutter: Sunflower Kisses & Dewdrops   

(A Catholic Literary Compilation)  

[Kindle Edition or PDF Format]

Book Cover

Dr. Tin Guevarra M.D., my friend and batchmate in my A.B. in U.P. Diliman, who I talked about in my previous post as one of the most brilliant writers in my generation has published a book just recently.  

I am not surprised. 

I have been urging Tin since college to compile all her works and make a book out of them. Finally, after a decade, she finally decided to compile them which suits the digital era, in Kindle Edition. AMAZON has approved her compilation and is currently selling it at $6.00 at this link

If you will buy directly from Tin, it will only cost you P200 (Philippine pesos) and she will send it directly to your email after payment in PDF format.   

Here is a PREVIEW of the first 11 pages of the book:

For You are my reason, I need no more the first line from the book, Flutter 

-          A compilation of Dr. Tin's literary pieces from essays, anecdotes, short stories, and poems - all well-written articles of God’s presence in one’s life.  Though it is described a “Catholic” compilation by Amazon any Christian, non-Catholic or Catholic alike can relate to it.  

This book is also recommended to people who need encouragement and upliftment in their lives.  It is comparable to Bo Sanchez’s feel-good books, only that Tin is a better writer.  Her literary pieces are easy and entertaining to read.  

No need for a dictionary to read it, but sentences and phrases are no-nonsense brilliant and words are connected brilliantly that I cannot find the appropriate word to describe it except “brilliant”. 

It is uplifting. Tin is an instrument of our Lord Jesus Christ to share His great love. With her gift of writing, she has produced Flutter which gives hope and a smile to one’s face, to encourage, to provide optimism, and most of all – to show that no matter how difficult life is, that God is always there who loves us all. 

It consists of 43 pages which a fast reader can read in one sitting for 2 hours or so, or even less. Her literary pieces can also be read in no particular order.  Please buy, if not for yourself, but your loved ones for all ages. 

Even butterflies know
that sometimes,
rather than soaring,
it is best to simply

Sunflower kisses
and Dewdrops
Spiritual musing for the Young
and the Young at heart
A Catholic Literary Composition
By Dr. Tin Guevarra, M.D. 

a. For $6.00 from (Kindle Edition) – click this link.
b. For Php 200.00 (PDF format), contact directly Dr. Tin Guevarra at and pay thru Bank Deposit:
Guevarra, Anne Cristine Deocariza
Acct #: 1200833513
China bank, San Juan Branch, Philippines