Monday, December 19, 2011

Featuring California-raised Ilocano from Laoag City Jonathan "Athan" Andres who Sings Like A Pro

Athan's cover of SANA NGAYONG PASKO
I discovered Jonathan "Athan" Andres in a shared video in facebook. I thought it was one of the typical videos of people who can sing,  gone viral and have gained a following in youtube. When I saw his video posted on the wall, I thought he was passionsf who I follow in youtube so I clicked and listened to him.
Lo and behold, it wasn't passionsf but only had a resemblance to him. The shared video led me to his account and we happen to have mutual friends. The video wasn't even a youtube video but merely an uploaded video in his FB account. What surprised me even more, this talented guy with a beautiful voice is based in California but was raised in Laoag City. He took up his nursing degree at Northwestern University in Ilocos Norte, my homeprovince and is now a practicing RN in California. He comes home to Ilocos as much as he can. 
I am featuring Athan, because this guys sings like a pro.  He is a rare find, because I have not seen any Ilocano yet, who was raised in Ilocos Norte and could sing as good as he does, with perfect diction. His style of singing is likened to Ariel Rivera's in my opinion.  He is also good-looking (a plus factor).  It is a shame that he isn't discovered  in his own homecountry but I hope he gets to be discovered more in his own homeprovince of Ilocos Norte, atleast. I highly recommend him to people in Ilocos who organize events, programs and concerts to tap on this rare gem.  
Alamid's/Erik Santos' YOUR LOVE.. One of Athan's all-time favorites:
What is disappointing, like many other good singers, Athan lacks the marketing skills.    He has a youtube account but is not followed by a considerable number.  He also has a lot of videos uploaded in his FB account but not in public setting and mostly not uploaded in youtube. I even had to beg him that he upload his "Sana Ngayong Pasko" cover in youtube so I can share it in my blog. He even has his own music site but little is heard about it and I wouldn't even find out if I didn't research. I told him, "When I get to have the time, I want to do a duet with you in youtube because I am really very impressed with your voice."  I only hope he finds a manager who can market him and be able to share to a wider audience his God-given talent.

His rendition of Howie Day's Collide:

Thru Facebook, Athan and I had a Q & A thru chat and here are some bits and pieces I gathered about him:

Jonathan Andres

25 years old

California, USA

Born here in California, and moved to Laoag City when I was 5 for schooling. Raised by my grandparents.

I finished school in the PI at Northwestern University, took up BS Nursing, graduated in 2008 and then came back to the states after grad.. currently working as a Registered Nurse here in the US.

Fave Ilocano Dish is Adobo & Pinakbet.

I'll try my best to come home every year if I can. hehe.. I was just there (Ilocos Norte) last April & August.

I haven't recorded any albums (I wish though). I want to make it in to the music industry someday but I know i still have a long way to go and I need to improve and learn more. I auditioned for American Idol here in California, unfortunately I didn't make it in. But it was one awesome experience.

Dr. Robert Andres the dentist from Laoag City, is our relative. We live next to PLDT. Brgy. 11 in Laoag.

It would be my pleasure to sing with you. I use a Shure Condenser Microphone for my recordings. And i download/buy the instrumentals/minus ones that i use. Looking forward to making a collaboration with you.

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