Saturday, October 29, 2011

With Peter Pan in Neverland

A shot from my seat.  Set by Gino Gonzales and light design by John Batalla design. No Copyright Infringement Intended.
I just saw Peter Pan, the Musical Adventure by Repertory Philippines and Stages - which I wasn't excited about or planning to see. I had an impression that it was "kiddie-ish" but I had to for I had decided recently to continue watching plays regardless. So, I caught watching it on its last weekend. 

Souvenir Program, specially designed for Kids - but it is something I buy everytime I watch a play.  I collect them.

I was right, it was a play for "kids" not for adults. So if you have kids, this is the perfect play.  It is the last weekend end though, so if you have not seen it and you have kids, better catch it in its re-run (if there will ever be). Kids were noisy and in awe everytime they see Peter Pan and the 3 children flying and Captain Hook acting funnily.  Like every kid, it would be a delight to let them experience fantasy and adventure for children which will linger in their memories until they grow-up, similar to what I have experienced watching Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and the like when I was a child.

I was impressed with the set (by Gino Gonzales) and light (by John Batalla) design, and technical effects (Dong Calingacion as Technical Director)  - flying Peter Pan, Wendy and siblings and all but as to other aspects it was "okay" - nothing exciting to say much about.  The story is not deep enough for adults to appreciate and like any regular adult appreciation for kiddie-ish shows wanes as we grow older unless you belong to the exception.  Expectedly, every kid who watched the show will have a different point of view from mine.  I have some bits and pieces to say though (placed  at the pictures' captions below).

Michael Williams as Captain Hook - with his usual comedic talent.  I have watched him several times in comedy roles that his acting style has become predictable for me.  It would be interesting if he modifies his comedic acting style for a change.  Nevertheless, he is still THE MICHAEL WILLIAMS I look up to as an actor and singer - and  that will never change. 

Robbie Zialcita at my left as sidekick of Captain Hook gave good acting performance ;) 
With the cast: Tippy Dos Santos as Wendy on my left, (beautiful and powerful voice) & Sam Concepcion as Peter on my right (his asset: Star Quality and Acting Skills.  He has to hone his singing though which I find to be his weakness, particularly for theater. It has to be more powerful and more controlled).  The little boy on pajamas, Miggy Santos was mere alternate as Michael Darling - but his singing voice was so clear and beautiful for his age ;), I was very impressed with him on that regard.  I am also impressed with the crystal clear singing voice and felt the energy of Kakki Teodoro (with the Indian outfit) as Tiger Lily.
this little girl in the middle also won in the raffle for backstage pass like moi. Isn't she cute? ;)
5 from the audience had the privilege (by raffle) to go up the stage and take pictures with the actors. Guess what? I was one of the LUCKY 5! ;) Haha.

proof that I won in the raffle
I understand this is one of the biggest and most expensive productions this season (by Rep and Stages in tandem for the first time) "Next to Normal" though is still on my top of the list for best play this year (blog review on N2N coming soon). 

Again with Menchu, now as director (not actor this time)
P.S. Sorry I am ugly without make up. I didn't expect to be in the lucky 5 to have these picture taken with the actors and rest of the team ;)

Met Jun V., whom I worked with in Joseph the Dreamer (Trumpets Inc, Gary V Run, 1999). We were both in the Ensemble - which was more than a decade ago!

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