Monday, December 19, 2011

Lucky & Inspiring Pinoy Couple Jam with Metallica

Just an hour ago, my "Yahoo Insider" which feeds me with the latest news every time I log in my YM caught my attention about a U.S.-based Pinoy couple who were invited to perform on stage, on the spot, during the 25th Anniversary of Metallica in Concert at The Fillmore California early this month.

Annette,a former drummer of Trapped under Rice and her husband, Anton both Metallica fans and organize Metallica jamming sessions with friends decided to play Master of Puppets of Metallica during their wedding (with Annette, the bride still on her wedding dress as she played the drums).  Their wedding video became viral a couple of months ago.

This reached the Metallica band and gave them one of their biggest surprises which "changed their lives forever," as Anton said. As they were watching the concert, their wedding video was flashed on the big screen on stage and both of them were called to jam on the spot with Metallica. The couple didn't have their drums and lead guitar with them but Metallica lend them their gears.

Annette Diaz Ortiz and Anton Diaz with their daughter Lightning who already owns a junior guitar. Source: 

I like their story very much and find it inspiring and worth blogging about. I learned from the news story that the couple are based in the States.  

Though I have not talked to the Diaz couple personally, their life, I suppose, like any other Filipino is not easy -  living on a foreign land and making ends meet. However their experience is priceless which no amount of money can be equated with.  

I empathize because I love music and it is my dream to sing on stage with Liz Callaway - which might never happen, but their experience tells me that as long as you keep doing what you love and stick with your passion such as music, your dream performing with artists you look up to is not far from impossible.

Congratulations to Annette and Anton Diaz and Keep on Jamming! :)

The couple plans to make more Metallica covers. Visit their youtube site at bassplyr51.


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