Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank you...

Written on January 10, 2012, 1030pm

I am overwhelmed with ALL YOUR GREETING POSTS and TEXT MESSAGES.  I read all of them (and will still read ). I can’t reply to each of you BUT I AM THANKING YOU ALL through this message.  I FEEL THE LOVE. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Yesterday, my brother and mom asked if I am available for dinner the following day. I said, “No! I can’t. I have class and many things to attend to,” then I asked, “Why would we have dinner?,” to which they both replied, “It’s your birthday!

Believe it or not, I COMPLETELY FORGOT that it will be my birthday today!  January 10.

Yesterday I was awake since 3 o’clock in the morning.  I was so stressed out and preoccupied with a pleading that my groupmates had to file and beat a deadline at the post office at 430pm.  I totally forgot it will be my birthday today.

Today, I woke up at 4am and the first thing that popped in my mind are the readings for Special Proceedings which I need to finish before class starts at 3pm. I was just reminded again that I was born on this day by a knock on the door by mom and said, “Happy Birthday and kissed me on the forehead.” OH, YAH, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY.

I fell asleep while studying (due the hangover from yesterday) that I was only able to read 50% of the coverage for today.  I still decided to go to class awhile ago despite of it and prayed fervently  “Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s and 1 Glory Be” as I drove to school (which is my habit when I ask God not to be called for recitation).

I arrived and entered an empty classroom. Voila! The class was cancelled.  We were just required to attend a forum on impeachment. GOD HEARD ME.

The only academic activity on my birthday. Listen to speakers Cong. Angara and Cong. Quimbo, UP LAW ALUMNI and  primemovers of the Impeachment Complaint against 
CJ Corona at the forum.

After the forum, I left school and passed by Commonwealth Avenue.  A lot, I mean QUITE A LOT of MMDA officers were scattered on the wide accident prone avenue. They caught some cars violating the odd-even number scheme.  I just by-passed and looked at the MMDAs and the cars they caught and tried to stop. When I arrived home my mom texted me, “Naomi hindi ka pwede umalis hanggang mag-7 pm kasi bawal ang sasakyan mo.”

I COMPLETELY FORGOT that my car with a plate no. ending with “4”  was not allowed today (plate no.’s 3s and 4s violate the odd-even number scheme on Tuesdays 3 to 7pm).   I really find it WEIRD that none of the MMDAs tried to stop me.  I just passed them by. Without worries. I narrated this to my mom and we both agreed, “Well, it is because it is my birthday.” And GOD HEARD ME.

This day, everything just fell right into place.

Today, I did not celebrate. I worked, studied, went to school and back home (The usual tiring and stressful routine). Mom and Nick just gave me a small round cake.  They had cooked pancit which we all finished together with Ate Angie, our house-help.  This day, God took care of all my worries and everything just fell right into place.

Today I did not celebrate a party, but I celebrate in GOD’S LOVE.

Thank God for FAMILY,
thank God for FRIENDS,
thank God for CANCELLED CLASS,
thank God I was NOT caught by the MMDA,
thank God for FOOD,
thank God for BIRTHDAYS,
and most of all THANK GOD for YOU.

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