Thursday, June 21, 2012

Help JILL, a lawstudent FIGHT CANCER!

Donate for Jill's treatment for CANCER!
Kindly deposit your contribution to: 
Jill Maureen S. Hernandez
BPI International, 2449-0092-77.
I break from my self-imposed restriction to forward appeals for various causes for a truly worthy and urgent cause.

I have worked with Jill during the Bar Operations for the law school and she is one of those rare few that you would need and want to have on your team if you were to change the world. She is tireless and fully committed and deeply passionate; she steps up above and beyond the call of duty simply because things need to be done and because she is in a position to help. One of those who can not only lead a team but take one for it as well.

I know that this latest trial is not going to be easy but I am confident that Jill will come through this, but not without everyone's help. Just don't click "like" but "give" as well, and then "share" to others.

Jill Maureen Hernandez, hang in there.
-- ATTY. THEODORE TE, Professor, UP College of Law

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