Friday, November 25, 2011

Flutter: Sunflower Kisses & Dewdrops (A Catholic Literary Compilation) - Kindle Edition!

Flutter: Sunflower Kisses & Dewdrops   

(A Catholic Literary Compilation)  

[Kindle Edition or PDF Format]

Book Cover

Dr. Tin Guevarra M.D., my friend and batchmate in my A.B. in U.P. Diliman, who I talked about in my previous post as one of the most brilliant writers in my generation has published a book just recently.  

I am not surprised. 

I have been urging Tin since college to compile all her works and make a book out of them. Finally, after a decade, she finally decided to compile them which suits the digital era, in Kindle Edition. AMAZON has approved her compilation and is currently selling it at $6.00 at this link

If you will buy directly from Tin, it will only cost you P200 (Philippine pesos) and she will send it directly to your email after payment in PDF format.   

Here is a PREVIEW of the first 11 pages of the book:

For You are my reason, I need no more the first line from the book, Flutter 

-          A compilation of Dr. Tin's literary pieces from essays, anecdotes, short stories, and poems - all well-written articles of God’s presence in one’s life.  Though it is described a “Catholic” compilation by Amazon any Christian, non-Catholic or Catholic alike can relate to it.  

This book is also recommended to people who need encouragement and upliftment in their lives.  It is comparable to Bo Sanchez’s feel-good books, only that Tin is a better writer.  Her literary pieces are easy and entertaining to read.  

No need for a dictionary to read it, but sentences and phrases are no-nonsense brilliant and words are connected brilliantly that I cannot find the appropriate word to describe it except “brilliant”. 

It is uplifting. Tin is an instrument of our Lord Jesus Christ to share His great love. With her gift of writing, she has produced Flutter which gives hope and a smile to one’s face, to encourage, to provide optimism, and most of all – to show that no matter how difficult life is, that God is always there who loves us all. 

It consists of 43 pages which a fast reader can read in one sitting for 2 hours or so, or even less. Her literary pieces can also be read in no particular order.  Please buy, if not for yourself, but your loved ones for all ages. 

Even butterflies know
that sometimes,
rather than soaring,
it is best to simply

Sunflower kisses
and Dewdrops
Spiritual musing for the Young
and the Young at heart
A Catholic Literary Composition
By Dr. Tin Guevarra, M.D. 

a. For $6.00 from (Kindle Edition) – click this link.
b. For Php 200.00 (PDF format), contact directly Dr. Tin Guevarra at and pay thru Bank Deposit:
Guevarra, Anne Cristine Deocariza
Acct #: 1200833513
China bank, San Juan Branch, Philippines


Chinkymei said...

Naomi, you are too kind. Thank you so much. Take care always and God bless!!! =)

Naomi Corpuz said...

@chinkymei tin - I am not even satisfied with what i wrote, but I have to write it coz I am loaded with schoolwork until next week. I hope this simple blog can reach hundreds to thousands :) and be a best-seller. I know, I can perceive it ;)... by that time penge na commission. Hehehe :0) God Bless u always tin! and Keep it up!

Chinkymei said...

Here is the link for the first few pages of Flutter:

Chinkymei said...

Here is the link for the first few pages of Flutter: