Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On Catholic Priests

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A shared post of an article in Facebook came from Lea Salonga who is outspoken herself against some stances of the Catholic Church. The article is entitled, An Acid Test For Francis.  

This article urges me to share some views of my own. 

Though we are all told to respect and obey priests, if they do not live by example I don't think they can command what Catholics must do. 

Fr. Nono Alfonso and Sr. Bubbles Bandojo, rc
Anchors of radio show, "Usapang Kapatid"
Source of image: DZMM facebook website

Once, I listened to "Usapang Kapatid," a Catholic radio program in DZMM and the anchors (a Jesuit priest and a nun) said, "Hindi lahat ng pari ay banal," (Not all priests are holy) as they criticize the acts of their fellow religious who are committing offenses shared to them by their listeners. I admire these anchors for their honesty and courage despite the risks involved during that segment. On the other hand, I know a former Bishop who merely transferred a priest to a different parish when the latter was found to be commiting sexual acts with an active lady parishioner without even making such priest accountable! (He should have been defrocked). I understand these priests are only human and therefore not perfect. But they have to strive to be morally upright and resist temptations. They should not even cover up for their fellow priests who commit offenses. Otherwise, they don't have the moral ascendancy to tell me what to do as a Catholic. 

Quote from the article, "An Acid Test for Francis":

"And why do we have to struggle to discover that more than 400 priests have been defrocked because of child rape in the last couple of years alone? Why aren’t their dismissals announced proudly by the Vatican? And why, for Pete’s sake, does the Vatican not enforce a simple rule: all accusations of child abuse should be referred immediately to secular law enforcement?"

And then again, in view of above, Catholic priests cannot tell me, as they keep repeating in their homilies and mass announcements, that I must be against RH Bill. Just saying.

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