Friday, February 7, 2014

Why would I watch the play "Red"?

This play is brilliantly written by John Logan that props, sets and costumes need not require to be elaborate and "Wickedly" ostentatious. I watched this play at Greenhills Promenade last year because I was curious how Joaquin or "Wacky" (his nickname) has blossomed to an actor that he is now from the 8-year-old children's musical theater workshop classmate I had more than 2 decades ago.

I do agree with Bart that he is an eye candy/good-looking but it is his depth in and sensitivity of the role of Ken which made Red all the more appreciable and remarkable that it became my favorite production among all plays (both musical and non-musical) last year. 

I am an actor myself, with relatively little experience, but I would love to play the role of Ken if there were only a female counterpart of the male character ("The performances of Bart and Wacky inspire me as an actor. I must hone my craft and get better as an actor after I finish my post-graduate degree", I keep telling myself after watching the play). 

So why would an audience spend hard-earned pesos to watch a curmudgeon (kill joy) in the character of Rothko (played by Bart)? It is because the play evokes a spectator's emotions and curiously questions the unique minds of the characters. Bart and Joaquin with their stunning acting performances and intellectual conversations weaved by the script of Logan all the more make it entertaining and keeps you thinking about the story (in all aspects) until you get home after the show (recall of scenes and lines even lingers for a few days). I hope to watch more plays like this. Kudos to Bart and Wacky! ‪#‎theatrefreak‬ ‪#‎Red‬‪#‎BartGuingona‬ ‪#‎JoaquinValdes‬

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