Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Darkest Night Horror Film Premiere Cancelled at UP Film Institute on Nov. 10, 2011.

Morning news of Nov. 9 greeted me with a smile as I read Yahoo News on Darkest Night, a horror film written by Russ Williams which says will premiere near my college building, that is at UP Film Center/Institute on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011.

However contrary to what some blogs say and to what Yahoo News reported which says in part: “Darkest Night” will have its premiere night on Thursday, Nov. 10 at the U.P. Film Institute in U.P. Diliman" is actually false.

After my class was dismissed at 5pm today (Nov. 9), my driver drop me off at UP Film Institute (UPFI) which is a few blocks from our building so I can buy tickets for the film only to learn from a UPFI staff personnel that it is was cancelled because there are movies reserved showing for November 11, 2011.  (One UPFI staff was not even aware what Darkest Night is about but I explained that I read about it in Yahoo news and blogs that there will be a premiere tomorrow). I also did not see any single poster of the film at UPFI and yes, expectedly, no tickets are being sold.    

To anyone who will find out when it is actually premiering, I'd appreciate if you could leave the info by posting it in the comment.

I suggest that people behind the publicity of this film must immediately correct and inform the media that there is NO PREMIERE of Darkest Night on Thursday, November 10, 2011.  As far as I know, they have not because the Yahoo News I just mentioned is still up with such wrong information, and the same goes with some blogs who posted about this premiere date.

The film's Facebook Fanpage  posted on its wall (9 hours ago as of this time I am writing this): To all of our cast, crew, friends and the media: Unfortunately, we must announce that our premiere will be delayed by about a week, due to circumstances beyond our control. Please bear with us, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks so very much for your patience! - but this can only do very little for it was posted only in the fanpage. And even with 461 fans, not all can read it at once and premiere date announced (in Yahoo news and blogs) is already tomorrow.  

People might flock to the UPFI just to see this premiere of Darkest Night only to learn that there is no such premiere.  If that happens to me, I might be irked and would really be disappointed for it consumed my time and effort going there and ruined my sched. 

To digress... 

This Gothic horror film boasts an almost all Filipino cast except for the lead American Actor DJ Perry.  It is directed also by a Filipino, Noel Tan and the screenplay written by Russ Williams.  It is produced by Gothic Productions International, a Philippine company funded by U.S. independent resources.  Well-written articles have been made about it and what it entailed, such as shooting most scenes in Pampanga.  

As one blogger puts it:
American Independent Film producer, Russ Williams brings to Manila a hybrid horror film that is set to appeal to both Western and Asian audiences. Shot in Pampanga, Darkest Night takes the audience to a path of discovery as Jonas Gruet (Taksikab, Private Nights) finds a videotape at the site of the a gruesome murder. 

The film stars American actor, DJ Perry (The 8th Plague, Ghost Town: The Movie) and French-Filipina actress Anne Gauthier. The film also features Filipino actors Issa Litton, Nic Campos, Jill Palencia, international actress Marife Necesito (Mammoth, Taksikab), Zeny Sevilla and Kevin Vitug (Pendong, Taksikab). Also in the cast is Malaysian actor Justin Hoong Fai Chan. (Source: Bum Spot).

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